The ideal product for customer management and financial control of the accounting office.

  • For services
  • 1 CNPJ ( Legal Entity) access
  • Eletronic invoices, NFS-e and NFS-e for more than 1,500 municipalities (turnover)
  • For issuance of service invoices
  • Modules: Financial and managerial
  • Registration of contracts
  • Option of recurring or occasional services
  • Readjustment by index (batch or individually)
  • Sending of readjustment letter
  • Contract timeline
  • Inclusion of eventual, individual or batch services
  • Individual or batch rebates
  • Contract printing based on registerable models
  • Documents attachments linked to the contract
  • Cancellation with registration and control of reasons
  • Revenue screen: issuance of invoices and payment slips in batch, individually or releasing to receivable orders