Automate service management with integrated administration of the quality indicators of your service and work provided.  The solution also has a Sales Module to improve the conversion of opportunities into new customers and have greater control of the sales cycle.

  • Specific for accounting offices
  • CRM Service
  • CRM Sales

CRM Service

  • Automation of service channels (email, phone, chat, website and App)
  • Integrated agenda
  • Work orders
  • Time management (timers)
  • Managerial dashboard
  • Task management
  • Unlimited boards
  • Quality of service management
  • Integrated NPS research
  • SLA service
  • Integration with telephony

CRM Sales

  • Opportunity management (prospecting)
  • Sales cycle management
  • Monitoring of negotiations
  • Proposal generator with electronic acceptance
  • Goals control
  • Follow-up
  • Negotiations timeline
  • Negotiations history
  • Proposal view alerts
  • Integration with telephony