For your company to have full control and act in accordance with the procedures and legal requirements of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, complete service to e-Social in the events of Safety and Health at Work, ensuring the safety of employees and avoiding risk situations.


Suitable for companies of all branches and developed for users to find what they need with the least effort, including notifications about the requirements that must be met.

  • PPRA - Environmental Risk Prevention Program
  • PCMSO - Occupational Health Medical Control Program
  • PCMAT - Program of Conditions and Environment at Work in the Construction Industry
  • Audiometry/Audiometric Reports
  • ASO - Occupational Health Certificate
  • PPP - Welfare Occupational Profile
  • Agenda of professionals
  • LTCAT - Technical Report of Working Environment Conditions
  • CAT - Work Accident Communication
  • CIPA - Internal Commission for Accident Prevention
  • Training Control
  • Vaccination Control
  • EPI Management - Personal Protective Equipment
  • EPC Management - Collective Protection Equipment
  • Environmental and Occupational Risk Management
  • Annual Report
  • Risk Map
  • Action Schedule Management
  • e-Social at the SST events (Safety and Health at Work)