Punch clock system with markings access in real time.

Employees’ punch clock markings can be made online and in real time using mobile phones, tablets, computer, regardless of where the employee is. The registering location is also recorded. Valid local limits for making markings can be set.

Do the maintenance of the inconsistencies online and in real time

Both the employee and their immediate boss are notified of any inconsistency that has occurred, and they may justify them by means of an application.

Follow your Team

Monitor your employees by geolocation and ensure more agility and efficiency for your external team.

Monitor the markings

Follow your employees' work day entirely online, on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Overtime Control

Manage accurately. Learn in real time who's working overtime and reduce your company's costs.

Optimize Closing

With the digital electronic punch clock, you save time and close your timesheet in a few minutes. It's really fast.

Facilitate your service to eSocial.

The eSocial measurement period is from the first to the last day of the month, and there can be no competence from 16 to 15 from 21 to 20 and so on. This will require the solution to be fully dynamic and to work in real time. QYON users close the punch clock daily with just one click, as they have auxiliary tools that make this possible.

100% Within the law

It meets Ordinance 1510 and 373 of the MTE, in addition to meeting statutes and any existing modality, because it is totally parameterizable and has no parameter limit.

Safe system

Access your punch clock securely on any device you have at hand.

Online access for you to manage anywhere.

Designed to work 100% online, both in receiving punch clock markings made in applications for mobile phones, tablets and Clock software for computers, and in maintaining inconsistencies through the Web Requirement, offers the possibility of daily closing with just one click, making Frequency Management simple and easy for everyone. When the daily calculation encounters an inconsistency, it sends an automatic notification, via email and /or app, warning the employee and his immediate boss to make the appropriate justifications and corrections through the Web Application.