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Accountant Panel

The smartest complete solution on the market that brings closer accountants and their customers.

Integrated solutions,
in one place!

The most complete Online Portal on the market that brings closer accountants and their customers.

In the Accountant Portal, you have a summary of everything that happens with your customers, in real time. In addition, your customer requests services, exchanges information and shares documents quickly and easily with you. Your office routine gains agility and you keep your customer well informed and closer.

This automated and integrated work offers increased productivity with security and performance in accounting services that will reduce operating costs and increase the quality of services provided to customers.

Easy Management (ERP)

Finance, Billing and Contracts

- Complete financial management of costs, expenses and income, specific to Accounting offices

- Panel with complete and personalized cards, according to your preference

- Make contracts simply and quickly

One Click Billing

Billing, payments, adjustments and NFSe sent by email to all customers with 1 click.

- Invoicing of the Company's customers in one click, both fees and individual services, being able to send the invoice, NFSe and email in batches.

- Sending payments via QYON Bank or main banks

- Simulation of readjustments, bank fees and total billing. All on one screen!


The robot downloads and makes the launches automatically

- Automatic capture of XMLs after loading the Digital Certificate

- Instant launches in Accounts Payable/Receivable, Customer/Supplier and Product Registration

- Automatic entries for Tax Bookkeeping and Accounting

- Import of XML, NFe, NFCe, CTe, MDFe and NFSe (Provider / Borrower)*

**Check availability in the County

The Cloud

Be mobile and work from anywhere

- You don't need to install. Our solution is 100% Cloud.

- Storage on AWS. The most embracing and secure platform in the world.

- You also don't need to have maintenance and server costs in your office

Net Payment

Free Net payment and automatic bank reconciliation

- No need to generate shipping and return files

- No PIX costs

- Net payment clearing in 6 seconds

- Exclusive to QYON Bank customers


Organized and smart service

- Your customer sends emails that turn into tasks automatically

- Your conversations with your customers in an organized way within the Panel are formalized and stored

- Messages from your customers arrive as a notification so that the person in charge has agility in service

Artificial intelligence

The robot learns and performs the tasks for you (Machine Learning)

- You can drag any document on the robot and it performs tasks and stores automatically

- Batch company registration by text file or by dragging Digital Certificates

- The robot points out which processes it is executing via Artificial Intelligence, and sends you notifications of tasks to be carried out, bringing an organized view of the processes with each customer.


The robot downloads all tax and labor CNDs and makes it available to its clients (e-CAC coming soon)

- Federal, State, Municipal, Labor and Social Security CNDs will be automatically loaded after loading the Digital Certificate or registering each customer of the company

- Automatic availability of downloaded CNDs to Office Customers

- Intelligent organization of CNDs through segmentation by customer and type, being able to also favor the most used ones.


You have a free and personalized website available

- Have the freedom to edit and manage your website

- Choose one of the color themes and customize it as you like

- Check the mobile-optimized version of your website.

Accountant and Customer exchanging information quickly and securely!

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