QYON Intelligent Systems

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About Us

Believing in transformation, we accelerate business through our digital solutions.

QYON Center

Software developers with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Qyon is a company with advanced knowledge in software technologies with application of artificial intelligence in business management, developed to manage and integrate all processes and sectors that are part of your company.

We believe in the potential to reduce the complexity of processes and quickly and securely transfer information and tasks, increasing your company’s productivity in an effective and reliable way.

Qyon came to revolutionize the interaction between men and machines. It is a company that embarks on the highest technology focused on Artificial Intelligence, Robot, Machine Learning and Big Data. 

There are more than 8,000m2 of construction, divided into two towers with all the necessary infrastructure, in a land with more than 17,000m2 of a lot of technology. Forget the tedious way of getting things done, QYON technology will do most of them for you.

The future is now